Solar Power Steering

Only unit in India with all power parameters being displayed on a LCD

Production Information System

This tool makes it easier to implement Lean Manufacturing.

Line Call Andon

This Andon is a high visibility display that indicates a call from the line to the team leaders and other team members in a Production Line/Factory.

Tambola, Bingo, Housie Electronic Display

Great for parties, clubs and recreation centers.

Solar Power Meter - DC Wattmeter

Measures DC Power and shows totalized Ampere Hour and Watt Hour.

Solar Charge Controller

How many products do you see in the market that shows real time power generation from Solar? Ours does. In addition, our Solar charge controller also shows totalized values for Ampere Hour and Watt hour and more.
Customize our LCD display with YOUR NAME!!. You can program our Solar Charge Controller to display YOUR NAME. And you can program it YOURSELF.
In addition to all the features listed above, our LCD display shows a real time status screens. The status screens show the operating mode and the operating voltage of the battery.
A second screen is used to customize your name. Brand our Solar Charge Controller with its incredible features as YOUR OWN.
We provide a low cost tool to connect it to your laptop/PC and program it via USB. Programming is simple and easy. Read More...

Our Products

Solar Power Steering

Solar Power Steering

Experience real POWER from Solar. How many products do you see in the market that shows real time power generation from Solar? Ours does.
Time Tutor

Time Tutor

An excellent alternative to manual timekeeping with automated bell ringing.

Production Information System

Our production information system allows easy implementatio of Lean Manufacturing using this tool. Simply enter the production quantity desired at the end of the shift. Set the shift start time, lunch time and tea breaks.

At the start of the shift, the production plan value increments at a calculated TAKT interval time based on a 480 minutes shift time of 8 hours excluding a 1/2 hour lunch break. This value increments at every TAKT interval. Read More...

About Us

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Buildmet Technologies has extensive experience in Industrial, Automotive and Consumer product design. We are Design Consultant for Atmel AVR and previously the Authorized Design House for Microchip Technologies Inc..

From Customized Concept Design to Production we help Industries add intelligence to products. Our domain expertise spans instrumentation, automotive electronics, white goods controllers, industrial controls and controllers for renewable energy..

For our Embedded Electronics Custom Design and Development we use 8 bit microcontrollers from Microchip PIC and Atmel AVR. We have now entered the Android space with new IOT interfaced gadgets to spice up your life. With our extensive background in development of low cost products, we believe our new inventions will make you smile.

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