Production Information System

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Our Production Information Systems allow you to easily implement Lean Manufacturing in your factory.



Our production information system allows easy implementation of Lean Manufacturing using this tool.

Simply enter the production quantity desired at the end of the shift.  Set the shift start time, lunch time and tea breaks.

At the start of the shift, the production plan value increments at a calculated TAKT interval time based on a 480 minutes shift time of 8 hours excluding a 1/2 hour lunch break.  This value increments at every TAKT interval.

The Actual value is obtained by a manual push button or by connecting it to a machine.

The production information system leads the entire manufacturing team in the line by ensuring a sense of urgency.  The team works together better since their collective performance is clearly visible to themselves and to all others.

The line supervisors and team leaders get effective feedback from the operators who will report issues related to machine, manpower, raw materials and members skill level.

This tool is successfully implemented in various garment and apparel manufacturing units and in the automotive manufacturing industry.


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