Tambola, Bingo, Housie – Electronic Display

Tambola, Bingo, Housie Electronic Display. Helps you with a better game.  Useful for Senior Citizens and large crowds.

Product Description

Tambola, Bingo, Housie Electronic Display
Great for parties, clubs and recreation centers. Now use our professional Bingo, Tambola, Housie display unit during your game for the convenience of the audience.

Appreciated by Senior Citizens and back benchers.
Enjoy the game of Bingo, Housie, Tambola with easy visibility of the called number using our electronic display and caller console. Our selection of 12″ / 4″ Height high visibility RED LED display can be seen by the audience from anywhere in the room.

The Caller Display shows the numbers called in a LED matrix form. The number entry is easy using large keys from a durable numeric keypad. Playing the game requires the Electronic Display to be reset first. Any number entered is sent to the large display by pressing the Enter button – just that simple.
• Tambola console with front matrix caller display
• Rear of console with 4 Inch audience display
• Choice of additional wireless 12 Inch or 4 Inch Audience Display
• Memory backup in case of power failure.
• Up to 7 external wireless displays may be connected.
• Shows all called numbers in a unique matrix form.
• Will play 70, 80, 90 numbers game.
• Tough ABS display with wipe clean fascia.
Note: Picture and actual product may vary slightly in color and size due to continuous upgrade and improvements in product design.