About Us

Buildmet Technologies has built a strong and varied portfolio of in-house designed products and customer lead projects that span a number of sectors. The common themes throughout these projects are the relationships that Buildmet Technologies have built with the customer to understand the requirement and the investment of our resources and experience to maximize Buildmet Technologies’s electronics design, manufacturing and after sales service.

This has enabled the development and implementation of very successful electronic products and business solutions. All of these products now serve as powerful development platforms which can be customised to a variety of functions, which significantly reduces time-to-market and costs, generating quicker more profitable sales.

Experience design at any scale
We create your product or re-engineer from samples.  We work with you to realize cost, function, features, performance, upgrades, life-cycle management and manufacturing in small or large scale.

We understand your user experience
Your product continuously updated to meet your user needs.  Keep your product updated, latest and cost competitive.

Buildmet Technologies offers advice and consultancy services on all aspects of electronic product design and production, including a beginning to end service that takes your product from concept through to production on whatever scale is required. Due to evolving technologies within the embedded electronics industry, from 1995 onwards, Buildmet Technologies started to invest a considerable amount of internal resource in order to build our knowledge base of Atmel® and PIC® microcontrollers. This has resulted in several successful product launches using microcontrollers from Microchip’s® range of microcontrollers.

You can select whichever parts of our services you require to meet your specific requirements.
Our domain expertise spans Instrumentation, Automotive Electronics, White Goods Controllers, Industrial Controls and Controllers for Renewable Energy.

Buildmet Technologies’s value added electronics design services include:

  • Schematic & PCB design
  • Electronic Hardware design
  • Embedded Firmware and Software design – including C, C++, C# and Java
  • Proof of concept studies and prototypes
  • Legislative requirements, testing and validation (RoHS, EN61010-1, Medical Device Directive and EMC)
  • Enhancement and redesign of existing products
  • Design of production programming and test tools
  • Design for Manufacturing and production roll out with our surface mount assembly partners
  • Full technical file production release information, including Declaration of Conformity documentation
One of the key drivers of a successful design project is time to market. Buildmet Technologies has demonstrated that an integrated approach significantly reduces the overall project cost and enables you to get your product to market quicker. By leveraging our collective design expertise we are creative in our thinking and robust in our application as we have total control of your project throughout. From design concept to prototyping then into full product manufacture and compliance testing, we offer a flexible and reliable single supply solution with one point of contact. All design work and validation is carried out under our Quality Management System, which is in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.