Data Collector

Model Number: DCl

Eliminate paperwork. Collect QC and QA data on the factory floor during production in real time. Simply enter the defect code and detailed defect number on the Data Collector, and it is recorded. Inspect any sample size. Simple interface to transfer data either in real time with a wireless interface or download it into a PC. Simple LCD interface guides the operator with the defect name and specific choices based on entry. All defect names and codes are programmable for any industry. We customize our product to suit your requirement.




Our Data Collector may be programmed to record the defect codes during checking operations conducted by QC and QA team members.  Buttons are color coded and have a dual menu assignment.  The first press on a key will enter the specific defect code class.  The second/third press of a button is related to the specific defect code and may be a 2 digit code also.

Our Data Collector makes it easy for operators to record the defects found during inspection of any manufactured item during any manufacturing process.  Since the recording of the defect based on code is simple, the process is quick.

The number of samples processed is also recorded automatically, and the sample size may be varied to help understand how well the manufacturing process is running in control.

The major advantage of our data collector is prevention or alteration of data that is collected. Since paperwork may be altered or simply replaced.  Data is secure in our Data Collector, once its recorded.  Transfer of data is easy with multiple interface options, both wired and wireless.  RS232, USB, Bluetooth and WiFi are all available as options.

The process for inspection and recording of data is as follows:

  • QC inspector is assigned a machine with a specific ID. The inspector ensures the memory is empty and proceeds with checking.
  • During inspection, if a defect is found the respective code button is pressed.
  • After inspection of the item, next item button is pressed.
  • At the end of the shift or at the time interval determined, the unit is taken to a PC for download.