GPS Timekeeper (Clock) Master and Slave Network

Model Number: GPST4MSGPS

GPS Clock. A time keeper system using Global Positioning System Satellite data received using specialized equipment built into the clock to accurately display local time without need for any adjustment at any time. Customization of size of display, Number of digits, 12 Hr and 24Hr Format, Color of display and additional networked slave displays are available.

Default display type is 4 digit in a 24Hr format with a RED LED display.


Specially created for Industries, Hospitals, Malls and any other area requiring accurate time keeping with high visibility.

Our GPS clock acquires time from the Global Positioning Satellites used for navigation worldwide. The broadcast time is received and the current time for the location is calculated based on the UTC + / – the local time difference. The time difference for India is UTC +5:30. This is standard all over the country.

The time display may be customized to show 12 Hr and 24Hr formats with 4 digits. The default format is 24Hr. 12 Hr formats will include an AM/PM indicator. The time may also be displayed in 6 digit format including Seconds.

The master clock also has a provision to locally broadcast the received time using a wireless transmitter within a radius of about 100 Meters within line-of-sight. Therefore, several clocks may be installed within an area using a single master unit. This helps save cost of expensive receivers and reduces the cost of the slave clocks connected to the network.

The GPS antenna has to be located with visibility to the open sky to receive the GPS signals. Once a GPS signal is received, the clock synchronizes the time shown on the clock face. In case of overcast skies or blockage of the GPS signal, the internal RTC will continue to keep time until the sync is received. When the GPS signal is not available, the colon on the clock stops blinking to alert the user that the system needs to be checked.

A wired antenna is provided with a magnetic mount for easy placement near a window or an elevated location to receive the GPS signal.

The clock may be customized for digit size – 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 Inch display sizes. The clock may also be customized for a different color LED display. Available colors with good visibility are RED, AMBER, GREEN and WHITE.


Power Supply – AC230V, 50Hz, 0.5A

Also available for automotive use at 12V DC and 24V DC.

Size – 500mmW x 200mmH x 50mmD

Weight 2 Kg.

Total units 2.  GPS clock Time Keeper and Antenna with cable and connector.